Shield disappeared - why?

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Shield disappeared - why?

Post by modesty » Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:45 pm

Tonight, my towershield disappeared in the hills of West Brosna. I walked around, trying to find it, to no avail. It was a crafted verdicite shield, no big deal more than the work behind crafting a new one. I'm more concerned about it vanishing.

Either, I dropped it when switching to bow to take out that ettin on top of the center hill and it landed on a dead giant and somehow went into its inventory. Or Revenge has its old system of equipment becoming destroyed when used, which I thought was removed several years ago.

Is the system with equipment destruction still in use in Revenge?


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Re: Shield disappeared - why?

Post by Lliira » Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:13 pm

I do know that equipment breakage is still on, for Revenge, and also for Difficult. I do not know the percentages, ServerHost would have to let us know about Revenge. I believe Diff has a smaller chance of breakage than Revenge.
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